Curvy and Holding

Good news from Alyssa’s Orthopedic Surgeon today, her scoliosis is staying about the same in the 33-35 degree range.  It’s great that it’s not getting any worse, however she is not growing, so this is cautious excitement.  He said, as he has in the past, her scoliosis will get worse when she hits puberty, which at almost 11 she has not even gotten close to doing.  When we go back to St. Jude in March they will check her IGF-1 hormones to see how the levels are doing.  Hopefully she will start to grow some more.  He did ask me if the other specialists thought she would ever hit puberty.  I don’t know.  I have never really thought of that being an option.  Is it possible to never hit puberty?  If so, what does that mean?  As usual with Alyssa and specialists, more questions than answers!

2 Comments  to  Curvy and Holding

  1. Alyssa De Jong says:

    good job mom

  2. cathy says:

    Alyssa, glad to hear this news. Keep positive. You are a hero to us all. I love your spunk.we are so sorry we did not make it. But we were there in our hearts. Love you

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